Culture of Accountability
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A New Framework

Culture of Accountability is a new framework which describes eight Critical Success Factors and Indicators that must be present for an organization to be considered highly accountable. It helps leaders to better understand, measure, celebrate and build accountability. The framework is grounded in research and incorporates the perspectives, promising practices and realities of non-profit organizations.

It is for:

Executive Directors and Board members of non-profit organizations

  • learn about the changing context for accountability
  • shift the conversation about accountability between stakeholders in the organization
Funders, including governments, foundations, and corporations
  • identify highly accountable organizations

Benefits to Your Organization

We can help your organization to create a culture of accountability that will:

  • Reduce legal and financial liabilities: by establishing and enforcing formalized policies and procedures and financial checks and balances
  • Improve funder, volunteer and donor retention: by building confidence in the ability of the organization to demonstrate tangible results through sound strategic direction and financial management
  • Manage conflicting demands: by properly balancing multiple and sometimes competing interests
  • Generate greater stakeholder engagement: by stimulating dialogue, through good governance and by making a unique contribution to the community  
  • Build staff morale: by sharing ownership for results and focusing energies on what really matters

By engaging in our process, your leadership team will:

  • gain a shared understanding of the key success factors that need to be in place to ensure the organization is highly accountable;
  • arrive at a consensus about your strengths and areas that need improvement;
  • generate practical and targeted strategies for strengthening accountability throughout the organization;
  • demonstrate to key stakeholders that the organization is committed to being accountable.

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Go to How it Works for more information about the process and how we can help your organization achieve these benefits.